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Philosophical Society.com was created in May, 2001 as both a reference web and a locus for articles on a range of subjects, from philosophy and politics to education and literature. The aim is to avail students and scholars in their research and to stimulate reflection on various aspects of life.

The site attracts visitors from over 90 countries every month. It has made many "best resources on the web" lists, has been selected by college professors as required reading for coursework, and has been frequently cited by students, writers, web logs, church groups, and numerous discussion threads. Hundreds of websites link to the main page, including those of university departments. The site has made Wired Magazine's "Hottest Web Links" list and TweetMeme's "Hottest Links on Twitter."

Philosophical Society.com has been referenced on one or more occasions by Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, StumbleUpon, Reddit.com, Metafilter.com, Answers.com, Academic Library, Technorati, Live Journal.com, and Yahoo! Answers. Links to the site have appeared in The Washington Post, Reason Magazine, and Discover Magazine, among other periodicals.

The site is edited by Tim Ruggiero and updated every month. It is best viewed in IE 7.0 or higher, on small to mid-sized screens. For comments, see the Contact page.

The articles of this website are protected by copyright. Any commercial use of them without express permission is strictly forbidden.


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